What my clients say about me:

"Anne-Marie provided me with a series of dialogues and I was absolutely ecstatic (and surprised!) with the results. My time with her enabled me to overcome some significant changes in my life including; my adjustment to life as a (full time) working mum racked with both guilt and fear and later, redundancy, during which Anne-Marie helped me to overcome the anxiety and self-doubt I faced by enabling me to re-position my thoughts, focus and beliefs.

Thanks to my dialogues, I was able to successfully clear a pathway through the jungle of emotions that was my mind and, overcome some heavy emotional challenges I had to contend with. Anne-Marie was never judgmental and asked some profound questions to challenge my own beliefs whilst, at the same time giving me the space to think, reflect and re-adjust. 

The dialogues gave me the chance to be honest with myself, clarify my own goals, rationalise my fears and put into place the practical steps (and focus) needed to move forward. 

Thanks Anne-Marie for such a superb mechanism to deal with life’s bumpy road.

FJ, Recruitment Specialist, London


"When I rang you I was feeling so low, so muddled and sad, I was desperate for a question! I remember you were so caring and gentle as you asked me questions, and I remember hanging up at the end feeling so much lighter and hopeful, thank you so much, I will never forget this."

Linda, Son-Rise Mum, Stonehaven, Scotland


"Anne-Marie brings multiple skills to her clients in a Dialogue--her intelligence, her wisdom, her presence, her caring. The result, for me, has been the ability to uncover lifelong dysfunctional beliefs and move beyond them. I am so much lighter now. Anne-Marie's perceptive questions are a magnificent gift."

KL, Conscious Aging Facilitator, Minneapolis, USA


"I have done many dialogues with Amree and have found the time spent with her to be amazingly useful in uncovering the limiting beliefs that have been behind some of my unhappiness. I have found Amree to be a loving, attentive and enthusiastic listener who then asks pertinent, accessible and insightful questions. These questions have helped me to answer my own questions for myself and have led to greater understanding of who I am and what I want for my life. This has meant I can move forward and be happy."

Alison, Son-Rise Mum, UK


"You're right. It really is a wonderful space to think.
JK, university administrator, Kendal, UK


Anne-Marie is a fantastic mentor. She is particularly skilled at hearing the underlying "thread" of my exploration, and has excellent instincts about when to ask questions which follow what I am saying and when to ask an insightful question about the thread. At the same time she is incredibly loving and warm, so that I felt very very safe. This meant that I felt able to go deeper, and really look at the places where I was hurting - I could get to the heart of my issue quickly, in a protected, secure environment.

I definitely plan to have more dialogues with her and would strongly recommend them to other people."

SP, Tour Guide, Montaione, Italy


"My experience in being guided through an Option Dialogue with Amree was rich. It felt like she was totally focused and lovingly brilliant as her questions opened doors to the gifts of my own insights."

MM, Geneva, Switzerland


"Amree is a terrific mentor. Her questions are incredibly insightful. With her as a mentor, I have been able to change key beliefs that were holding me back in my career development. I am incredibly grateful to her."

NC, Revere, Massachusetts, USA