About me

Hi, I'm Amree, full name Anne-Marie Grafton.

I'm certified as an Option Process® Mentor-Counsellor, to work with people using the Option Process® Dialogue. I have 16 years' experience of learning and growing through the Option Process® and the Dialogue.

With the Option Process Dialogue, I am particularly passionate about supporting people in the times when they are finding life tough or overwhelming. I love being a resource for people during big transitions such as terminal diagnosis, major illness, bereavement, career change, marriage, divorce or parenthood; and for the small things too, or the times when everything looks fine on the face of it, but it all suddenly feels too much.

I am an accredited Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner, qualified to provide both MBTI Step I and Step II Insight Sessions, and have used them extensively with clients from a wide variety of different backgrounds over the last 10 years.

In my MBTI work, I enjoy helping people reach a new place of acceptance of themselves and others, with strategies for making their lives easier and more fun.  Learning MBTI had a wonderful impact on my relationships, energy and career, and I love helping other people get similar benefits. It can be a very useful lens for focusing on the things your want most for the future too, and how you want to develop your life and career.   I have many years' experience as a career coach, and MBTI can be used in that context too.

In my day-job (Monday-Thursday) I work as a User Researcher, helping to develop online services which focus on real user needs.  My mentoring skills are invaluable for interviewing and observing users.

I live in North London, United Kingdom, but regularly work with people in 7 different time zones across the world using Skype or phone.