Are you dealing with a period when life feels tough or overwhelming?
Facing a major decision?
Or looking for ways to build a happier, more rewarding life? 

An Option Process® Dialogue is a wonderful space to think, explore, grow and find greater comfort and happiness. It's the perfect transformational tool to help you get quickly to the root of the issue and find powerful new perspectives.

I'm Anne-Marie Grafton, known as Amree, and this is what my clients say about their experience of working with me using the Dialogue:
  • "The dialogues gave me the chance to be honest with myself, clarify my own goals, rationalise my fears and put into place the practical steps (and focus) needed to move forward. Thanks Anne-Marie for such a superb mechanism to deal with life’s bumpy road." 
  • "You were so caring and gentle as you asked me questions, and I remember hanging up at the end feeling so much lighter and hopeful." 
  • The result, for me, has been the ability to uncover lifelong dysfunctional beliefs and move beyond them. I am so much lighter now. 
  • "I have found Amree to be a loving, attentive and enthusiastic listener who then asks pertinent, accessible and insightful questions."

Understanding your Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) type is like having the owner's manual for the raw material of your personality.  I offer MBTI Insight sessions which can be used to explore:
  • Your underlying personality preferences and functions, and how they differ from those of the people around you
  • A personality inventory to look at where you want to be more versatile and where you want to adapt your scope to suit your natural preferences, using MBTI Step II
  • How to develop a fulfilling career that delivers on your key motivations
  • How to communicate with people with different personality types, and understand what they are saying
  • How to support yourself through periods of major stress
  • How to use your energy more efficiently and avoid exhausting yourself

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