Would you like a wonderful space to think, explore, grow and find greater happiness?

About me 

Amree Grafton, Certified Option Process Mentor Counselor and loving, insightful human being.  Read more...

What's the Option Process?

Only the most amazing philosophy for personal happiness on the planet.  Read more...

What's different about doing a Dialogue?

It's the only system which is designed to help you understand how you tick. It's a safe space where you're in the driving seat.  Working together you will be able to track down the beliefs and values behind what you do and how you feel and decide if you want to change them. Read more ...

What do my clients say?

  • "The dialogues gave me the chance to be honest with myself, clarify my own goals, rationalise my fears and put into place the practical steps (and focus) needed to move forward. Thanks Anne-Marie for such a superb mechanism to deal with life’s bumpy road." 
  • "You were so caring and gentle as you asked me questions, and I remember hanging up at the end feeling so much lighter and hopeful." 
  • The result, for me, has been the ability to uncover lifelong dysfunctional beliefs and move beyond them. I am so much lighter now. 

How do I book?

I'm not taking on any new paying clients for the time being, but I can put you in touch with other Mentor/Counselors who are nearly as wonderful as me.   You can contact me via my Facebook page